The Road to Cachi

The roads that wind through Northwest Argentina's mountains, valleys, hills, and plateaus make for good driving.

To Cachi

Five of us from the hostel rent a car for a couple of days. Our first destination is Cachi. We catch some spectacular views on the way there.

These huge fluffy clouds are awesome.

We reach the plateau at 3,457m above sea level.

Cruising at a nice 120km/h through the plateau.

Cachi's a small city with a well shaded plaza, the kind of place you'd want to go for a picnic in the afternoon. We have lunch here and hang out for a bit before packing back into the car. There's one more viewpoint we want to check out before we head back to Salta.

The plaza in Cachi.

From a viewpoint overlooking Rio Calchaqui and the mountains west of Cachi.