The Jetties of George Town

George Town, Penang is full of surprises.

The walls

One of the first things I notice here is the architecture, a mashup of East Asian, South Asian, and European influences.

I take delight in finding street art here. Drawings blend appropriately with their medium (usually aging walls, chipped and cracked). One neighborhood seemed particularly supportive of street artists. I felt as if walking through an outdoor art gallery.

I was fortunate enough to meet an artist as he was having his picture taken for press. He intends his work to be interactive and invites people to pose in, rather than with, them.

The artist of this unique swing installation posing in his artwork.

On the waterfront

I visit the clan jetties in George Town. These are Chinese settlements originally built by squatters along the piers back in the 19th century.

A street above water.

A modest courtyard.

Someone's living room.

For a long time they featured only the bare minimums running without electricity until the late 50s. They're still pretty minimal today as far as electronics go.

A couch and a remote for presumably a TV.

Chatting with the locals.

Demolished jetties and George Town.