Purmamarca & Tilcara

Pouring rain floods Salta's streets, turning our trek to the parking lot into an adventure itself.

Road views

It takes us half an hour to drive the few blocks we need to leave town. Good thing nothing's flooded outside of Salta.

Heavy clouds.


Our first stop is Purmamarca, a small town known for its views of the mountains of seven colors. These are the most colorful mountains I've seen to date.

There's a hill on the edge of town with this view.

A river near Purmamarca

As if to match the mountains that surround them, street vendors and shopkeepers carry some of the most vibrantly covered goods.


A little further north is Tilcara. Like Purmamarca, it's known for its colorful alpaca textiles.

At the edge of town, there's a dirt road leading up a hill that we follow. We make a couple of stops for photographs. The views are breathtaking.

The view from the hills east of Tilcara.

The valley.

Another hour north of here is Quebrada de Humahuaca, a place that's also surrounded by colorful mountains and vivid rock patterns. We don't have enough time to see this place, however, given we still have a long drive back to Salta. It wouldn't be safe to navigate the narrow mountain passes leading to Salta in the dark.

Still, we've covered quite a bit of Northwest Argentina in two days!