Maeklong Market

There's a train barreling down towards you and you're out there, what, buying hot chilies for your homemade hot chili sauce?

What are we, mad?

Here's the scoop. Maeklong is a railway line that happens to have a market built around a part of it. Vendors bring their wares here and set up right along the railroad. Customers walk over the railroad, treating it like an aisle in a supermarket.

When a train approaches it toots its horn a distance away, alerting shoppers and shopkeepers that it's time to retreat from the rail. This happens hourly.

Fish n' stuff

Where the floating market looks like a contraption kept for the benefit of tourists, Maeklong seems like a place where everyday people go to buy dried fish, hot chilies, and fresh veggies.

Greens, greens, and more greens.

Fish, fish, and more fish.

More fish yet.

A wide assortment of fish.

Bagging garlic cloves.

You could tell how experienced, how seasoned some of these vendors are by the amount of distance they leave between their wares and the train when it comes. The less distance, the more experienced, so long as nothing gets crushed.

Those white bins... surely they're too close?