Kuang Si Falls

Enjoy this natural fish spa for the low, low, entry price of LAK 20,000 (USD 2.50).

This is still the most expensive entry fee I've had to pay in Laos.

What's a fish spa

It's one of those spas where you dip your feet into a bucket filled with water and little fish. The little fish nibble dead skin cells off your feet. I dunno. The sensation's not really for me.

Instead, I line up behind the rope swing. It looks like fun, the way others plunge into the water. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the height, but there are others behind me and there's no backing out now. I hurl myself off the branch, feel the parabolic arc I trace through the air, and as my acceleration upwards slows I let go.

And just like that I discover my love for plunging into the water by way of the rope swing. I do it a few more times until my sides are red from the impact, each time feeling the breeze blowing past before the splash.

The rope swing is very popular.

Rejuvenating springs

The waters are cool to the touch and take on a calming turquoise hue.

Watery terraces.

This guy has the perfect spot for suntanning.

The Falls

The main falls are really stunning to watch. Like the smaller falls downstream, there are many terraces. A muddy trail to the side leads to the top of the falls.