Koh Samui's Airport

Koh Samui's airport provides a solid A+ experience.

A stop for partygoers

This island is fully developed for tourists and more importantly, it knows its clientele.

Trucks rigged with loudspeakers cruise around, blaring ads for Muay Thai fights. Street markets sell sleeveless shirts with inspirational messages (e.g. "drugs saved my life"). This island is close to the one that hosts the full moon party and that party caters fully to the rowdiest of western visitors. That likely explains Samui's party vibe.

Seems like a safe place to stand.

A vacant building turned into a shirt display.

The quieter spots

Off the main road I cut through a resort and find myself on the beach. They're quite nice, these resorts.

Rinse your feet free of sand with water from this basin.

This can't be an airport

Not an American one, anyway.

Once I'm past security I walk the length of the airport, which must have been no longer than that a strip mall, to the international section. I'm departing from gate 6 today.

Here's what's nice. Baggage carts are free (not $5 as they are in major U.S. airports). The staff working the gates, when they're not ushering passengers through the gate, bring up a never ending supply of cold cut sandwiches, pastries, fresh juice, and coffee. There's even a garden for you to stroll through. The only thing it's missing is a beach.

This whole airport is essentially one giant lounge.

I sink into one of the cushioned straw chairs and read a book under the skylights, taking a bite out of a sandwich here and a sip of my orange juice there in between pages.

When it's time to board, I reluctantly take leave of my comfy spot. A shuttle picks us up from the gate and sends us across the tarmac to the plane.

Baggage claim.

Pastries, sticky rice treats, and sandwiches!

The garden near Gate 6.

Boarding now.