This is the land of mountains, lakes, and chocolate.

The circuit

Circuito Chico is a popular loop on the outskirts of Bariloche, a paved road that offers panoramic views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. I bike the circuit to see the scenery and wander the popular (and well landscaped) ski resorts nearby.

The other side of the circuit as viewed from this side of the circuit.

The most popular of these resorts is Llao Llao (left).

Llao llao, a popular ski resort.

I snap a few shots of sunset from the bus before dozing off.

Finding Argentina's best chocolate

I hear good things about the chocolatiers in this town and decide to pick up a few boxes of chocolate to bring home as gifts. Every store offers its samples and it's hard not to indulge in them.

When I'm done shopping, I treat myself to a muffin and a hot chocolate at Mamuschka, one of the better known chocolatiers. The drink is too sweet and rich for my liking, especially after devouring so many chocolates already.

Playing by the lake

Bariloche's pebble beach a very pretty to look at, but it's not a beach I'd lounge on (how do you lounge on pebbles?). The water's also a tad bit cold. Still, a short walk from everything else downtown and I find myself coming here quite often.

Cool and crystal clear.

Steak dinner

At night I have one of the best steaks of my life at El Boliche de Alberto. The people working the grills are masters of their trade.

I didn't bring my camera to dinner and my phone's died on me, but a friend took a picture for me and emailed it afterwards. So I present to you this fine specimen of carnivorous dining:

This thing's as big as my upper arm.