An Appetite for Singapore

Writing this post makes me salivate.

Open wide

The incredible food experience I had in Singapore I owe almost entirely to Sk, the receptionist at the hostel I stayed at. He covered my map in blue ink and surfaced all of the best eateries in town.

My eating tour starts with the best bak kuh teh I've ever tried at a place called Leong Kee on Beach Road (which, due to land reclamation, is now actually several blocks away from shore).

Leong Kee's bak kuh teh is delicious.

Komali Villas in Little India serves up a vegetarian feast of epic proportions. Their meal platters come with vegetables, dhal, sambar, kulambu, rasam, thairu, raita, payasam, appalam and pickle. I don't know what half of these ingredients are, but they're really tasty together.

Komali Villas' meal platters.

Chin Chin's Eating House is famous for their chicken rice, which makes for a simple yet tasty lunch. Anthony Bourdain stopped by here on one of his layovers and approves as well.

Chin Chin's Chicken Rice (rice not pictured).

There's a food court called Albert Center that rivals those found in Malaysia. I stopped by to try their Nasi Lemak made up of coconut rice topped with fried fish, sausage patty, a fried wing, peanuts, spicy sauce and an egg. It's like the ultimate Malay comfort food.

Nasi Lemak from Albert Center.

Yu kee, not too far from my hostel, is something I still crave every now and then. During my visit to Singapore I have their duck rice at least three times.

Duck rice from Yu Kee.

Satay Street

It's not as expansive as Kuala Lumpur's Jalan Alor, but Satay Street is still a must visit, especially for foodies and satay connoisseurs. While the skewers are the main attraction here, some stalls sell other dishes along their satay specialty so there's something for everyone.

Satay Street.

Fanning the flames.

Beef and chicken skewers served with satay sauce and cucumbers on the side.