Hello, World.

A map full of places

This is a map of cities I've visited for travel, places I've explored through sightseeing, photography, long hikes, and the like.

To keep things tidy, I've only kept in cities where I've stayed at least a night. I've also excluded places I've visited for work, for friends, or for my studies.

Why travel?

Travel has been a huge passion of mine since 2009.

This is a special year. It's the year I took a summer course abroad in Frankfurt. Outside of cram sessions and biergarten debates about the Eurozone (this was an econ course), I spent most of my time exploring the city by foot or public transit.

After classes ended, I flew to Turkey to meet up with a friend, exploring the corners of this foreign place as well.

It's during those trips that summer that I caught the wanderlust bug.

I've visited many more places since, but that feeling of going to a new place has never tired.

As long as I'm able to run and jump all while hauling a 50 pound pack, I'll continue to travel.

I hope you enjoy my little writings and the pictures. Get in touch in the comments or on social media. Make sure you subscribe below!

- Denton

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